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The need to convert video files usually comes unexpectedly; you never know when you may need to change a video format or will have problems with opening multimedia on your machine. If there is no special program at hand, then you will have to look for either an online video converter or a solution that you can install on your pc. 

Of course, the online video converter from Movavi can help you easily process and convert video online, but it works with files of up to 100 MB. In case you need to convert heavier multimedia, then you should resort to the downloadable solution that can be installed on your computer and allows you to quickly convert any file: video, audio, or photo. If you have never used Movavi Video Converter, then this short guide/ review will help you puzzle out the program and make the max out of using it.

Short Description

This is a simple photo, audio, and movie converter with intuitive functionality that allows you to convert multimedia from more than 180 media formats, including some of the most popular ones, such as AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4; AAC, MP3, OGG; GIF, JPG, PNG. There are also more than 200 preset profiles for all popular devices. File conversion is carried out with maximum quality preservation, which is achieved due to unique algorithms developed by Movavi. 

In addition, the program is distinguished by high video processing speed, thanks to the hardware acceleration of NVIDIA® CUDA®, NVENC, and Intel® HD Graphics. There is a function for previewing the final result of the program, which is especially convenient for video producers and editors.

The program allows you to optimize your work effectively. Thus, you can convert entire folders at once. There is also an interesting “Devices” tab here. If you do not know which format is suitable for your target mobile device, then the program will select it for you.

All in all, Movavi Video Converter also allows you to perform the below:

  • Change the volume level of the audio file and the audio track of the video file;
  • Change the file size;
  • Stabilize video;
  • Edit, crop, or rotate video;
  • Overlay a watermark;
  • Save the video in the highest quality possible;
  • Merge and cut files;
  • And many more.

The program is extremely easy to use. Thanks to a well-thought-out interface, you will hardly feel lost and will easily find the target functionality.

How to Use Movavi Video Converter

There is nothing complicated about using Movavi Video Converter. Even an inexperienced PC user can figure it out. For this, you need to perform the below.

Step 1

Download and install the program from the official website. At the first start, the program will automatically offer you to watch a tutorial, which demonstrates the basics of its work and deciphers all the designations. You can watch a training video at any time by clicking on the question mark in the upper right corner.

Step 2 

Launch the program and then upload the files that you need to convert. To do so, you just need to drag and drop media assets into the converter. These can be any multimedia files: video, audio, or images. You can also work with DVDs in the converter. To open such videos, select the “Add DVD” option from the menu and pick the desired folder.

Step 3

Select the desired file format. In the program interface, you will see a full list of formats that you can choose from. In case you have no clue of what format will work for you, the program can make the right choice for you. All you need to do is to pick a device that you are going to play a video on, and the system will pick the fitting properties for a video.

Step 4

Select preferable settings. To keep the original quality or change it, click on the gear icon in the lower-left corner. Here, you can configure video and audio settings. You should especially pay attention to the “Quality” tab. If the tab is not active, resize the frame. In addition to choosing the quality, you can remove black bars from the video by changing the aspect ratio.

Step 5

Decide on a file size limit. You can set the size of the output file right in the working window. Click on the video size information and specify the desired file size in the window. As a result, a program will show you the quality it will be converted to. In order not to miscalculate when converting large files, you can use a trial conversion. Set the fragment time, for example, 30 seconds, and click “Test” conversion.

Step 6

Press the “Start” button to initiate the video conversion process. After its completion, you will receive a finished video for viewing, in the format you need.

What’s Good?

Movavi Video Converter comes with a whole pack of benefits, which are primarily related to the number of supported formats, video processing speed, and the availability of additional tools. 

Pack of Editing Tools

The clear advantage of the converter is that it has some basic editing tools. That is – before you change the format of a video, audio, or image, you can improve the asset quality. For example, you can stabilize video captured in motion: on foot, from a car window, and so on. Adjust the shaking force and fix some other stabilization parameters. You can compare the result to the original file simply by clicking the “After” button. With the help of other tools, you can remove background noise and normalize the volume, perform color correction and add effects, and crop video. 

You can also add a watermark or subtitles to your video. By the way, if the subtitles are in the same folder with the movie, and their name coincides with it, the converter will automatically offer to embed them into the video. The two features of the built-in editor that deserve special attention are video rotation and cropping. The fact is that you can change some files without conversion.

Conversion Speed

Video conversion speed in the program is 2-4 times higher than its analogs offer, which is due to the fact that the converter partially transfers the load from the CPU to the video card. So, depending on the video card used in your computer, one of the types of hardware acceleration will be available to you: 

  • Intel HD Graphics;
  • Or AMD Radeon.

To speed up the conversion even more (up to 79 times), you can use the SuperSpeed ​​mode. This is the name Movavi refers to as a compression-free conversion method. In this mode, the video stream is not recorded, so it takes only a few seconds to process the video. Although the solution is available for a limited list of formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MPG, FLV, and M2TS), it is still very useful.

Advanced Video Conversion

There are also additional settings that allow for advanced file conversion. You can use the program to perform the below:

  • Adjust bitrate type, bitrate size, and file size manually and see how it affects the output quality;
  • Convert a sample to make sure you like the results;
  • Select audio tracks and remove the ones you don’t need;
  • Change the frame size, frame rate, resize quality, and method.

The tool does just everything so that you could get the output file that meets your expectations at 100%.

Wide Range of Supported Formats

Now let’s talk about the formats that the program supports. There are more than 180 of them – these are various combinations of formats, codecs, and resolutions. Among them are both popular (MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, WAV, JPEG, BMP) formats and more rare ones (FLV, OGV, MXF, M2TS, AIFF, OGG, RAW). You can also pick conversion profiles for devices, which makes it much easier to choose the right format for your smartphone or tablet.

All formats available for conversion are located at the bottom of the program. They are split into several tabs for easy navigation. The “Popular” section contains most of the modern formats that are most commonly used. If the format you need is not here, you can check the appropriate tabs or use the search. If the video is intended to be launched on mobile devices, then go to the appropriate “Devices” tab and specify the parameters of your gadget. Thus, the program will select the most suitable format by itself. 

Technical Details

Differently from many similar solutions, Movavi Video Converter is not resource-demanding. Here are some of the technical requirements for the machine that you are going to use a program on:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 with up-to-date patches and service packs installed;
  • An Intel or AMD processor with a power of 1 GHz or more;
  • 512 MB RAM;
  • An NVIDIA® GeForce® 8 series video card; 
  • Intel® HD Graphics 2000, AMD Radeon ™ R600, and above.

The converter is also optimized for multi-core processors and uses them in the most efficient way in order to not overload the CPU.

Final Say!

Movavi Video Converter is a powerful software for converting video, audio formats, and images. The program has manual and automatic operation modes, contains presets for formatting for popular devices, as well as functions for editing media files or individual video fragments before converting. The tool is popular for its high operating speed and ease of operation. 

Although Movavi Video Converter is aimed at ordinary users, it will work for video professionals perfectly well. The program interface is designed in a way so that even a beginner can figure out how to employ it, but the functionality will also be in demand among professionals. The possibility of truly fast and high-quality video conversion from 180 formats will appeal to everyone. 

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