Innovations in cbd industry


The popularity of medical cannabis is rapidly growing. People all over the world show great interest in this topic. Along with the general interest of society, scientific interest comes. Therefore, loads of studies were conducted recently. Both doctors and medical scientists are eager to discover as much marijuana’s properties as possible CBD industry. They also aim at figuring out the effects it has on human beings and the circumstances of their interaction with the plant.

In addition, to medical research, many other spheres tend to implement their knowledge in order to find out something new about the popular plant. Experts in various fields have come to understanding that the combination of their expertise with that of the others can boost advancements of human life. Therefore, interdisciplinary research is gaining popularity and plenty of them have already shown beneficial outcomes either for people, or for economy, or for other spheres of existence.

One of such examples is the development of cbd oil cartridges, which have become a product of common development of chemical sphere (use of cbd) and of technological sphere (creation of electronic devices for evaporating these chemicals). One of the aims of this development was creation of the device, which will enable people to overcome hectic symptoms of serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, depression, and arthritis.

Talking about the hemp industry, technological advancement can pave the way to future prosperity. The CBD industry is on a high speed pace in its development now. Even though many countries still have a strong ban on marijuana and related products, shares and stocks are showing great figures for the field. Technological innovation is needed for both production, processing, and sales. In terms of cost efficiency, technologies help on all these levels.

In addition, meeting consumer demands is never possible without being progressive. The most successful companies understand this and try to implement this point into their policies and working process. There even exist special summits where such news are being discussed and smaller companies are being taught to use the benefits of novelties for planting, harvesting, storing, and distribution. This article will discuss the most brilliant technologies in the industry.

Cultivation and Manufacturing

Whereas the majority of modern young people will tell about CBD industry vape pen cartridges if they are asked about technologies and cannabis, the experts will start with the ones that deal with manufacturing and cultivation. In fact, today artificial intelligence, data science and robotic instruments are blooming. This makes professionals from various fields get involved in AI technologies and to involve these technologies into their fields.

AI use in growing cannabis helps farmers and big production companies in boosting harvest volumes and lowering spendings. Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. contributed to development of hemp manufacturing machines, which is clever enough to sort raw hemp into hemp fibers, leaves, and hurds. It makes the further processes cheaper and easier for the owner, which allows to either lower the price, or invest into further research. Both are good things to do.

The other sparkling example is Continuous Countercurrent Reactor invented by Pure Hemp Technology. This one allows ease receiving hemp-based products because it processes hemp in a way that the owner gets flowers, lignin, pulp, sugars, and seed oil separately. Therefore, the owner can get material to create cbd wax for your cbd prefilled cartridge without usage of extra resources. The technology is being constantly improved and the volumes of hemp to process per day grow.

Energy Production

Topic of ecology and the use of renewable sources of energy is of extreme importance today, when Earth is suffering from air, water, and soil pollution, global heating, resource exhaustion, etc. Scientists have proved that hemp can be one of the sources of biofuels just like cellulosic ethanol. After discovering that corn-based ethanol is hazardous, scientists started looking for a material, which will have zero carbon footprint, and they concluded that hemp fits.

In fact, hemp is more sustainable if one compares to fossil fuels. One can also convert hemp into electric energy for houses, cars, plants, etc. The real funds of programmes aimed at hemp biodiesel use started about six years ago. Nowadays, scientists have to gather and analyse data to make a certain conclusion about practicability of such experiments and opportunities for their implementation into wider audience use.

Moreover, hemp plants can replace many other materials. Nowadays, one can find clothes, shoes, soap, shampoos, cosmetics, medicines, towels, wallets, accessories, candles, toys, and many other things made from cannabis plant or hemp. One of the most famous facts is that hemp needs a half less water than cotton does. Therefore, it is more eco to grow and use hemp rather than cotton. Some people even claim that cloth made from hemp is UV resistant.

Future of CBD Products

Getting back to the topic of CBD industry, technologies allow us to involve this element into plenty of things. For instance, the beauty industry has been using the element for a long time already. However, skincare products used to be the only share of the market, where it was used. It is reasonable because skin as the largest organ, has its own endocannabinoid system, and CBD elements interact with its receptors resulting in significant improvements of skin health.

Nowadays, skincare share still is the predominant one, but not the only anymore. Manufacturers have understood that the negative effects of some cosmetic products (for instance, dehydration, allergy, pigmentation) can be avoided by the use of cannabinoids. These elements possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain relieving properties, and are rarely allergens. Therefore, many women can enjoy high quality makeup and perfect skin conditions because of CBD industry use.

One of the most embarrassing topics regarding CBD also concerns women. Talking about CBD tampons can be not a really good topic at the dinner, but it is one of the recent innovations. Period is the topic that used to be a taboo for a long time. However, now manufacturers try to please women and make their lives easier. CBD infused tampon is one of the examples. It is put inside the human body and closely interacts with it, so releasing some cannabinoids can relieve pain.


These are brave and unusual ways to use CBD in our ordinary lives. It differs from highly advertised “the best cbd cartridges” and touches more people. In fact, there are plenty of ideas of how to consume cannabis with benefits for society. If one manages to implement them into human life, it might cut the resource use. The examples reviewed show that all of us should get out of the box and think creatively.

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