How to Win More Games In Valorant

Valorant is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world right now, and one can even argue a case that it is, in fact, the most popular. Even if one discounts the fact that Valorant still continues to top the most downloaded charts, they can turn their eyes towards the most streamed game on Twitch – and unsurprisingly, Valorant tops there too. Its mesmerizing graphics and no non-sense gameplay have propelled it to the top of the charts, though one should not discount the contribution of Valorant’s marketing team, which made this game a must-buy in a genre that is highly competitive.

But its popularity has also made the Valorant gameplay a harrowing experience for beginners and many veteran players. It is highly likely that the player would be matched against gamers that are more skilled than them. Now, if you are someone who wants to win more games in Valorant games, then you can first buy Valorant hacks and follow the below-mentioned tips to confirm your win, or you can just follow the below-mentioned pointers and improve your gameplay by several times.

  1. Get familiar with different agents.

Now obviously, you cannot be an expert with every agent that is on offer for one to play as, and even trying that would be a stupidity as a mission to do that would be counterproductive to winning more, which is what you want. One should only play with two or three agents which suit their playing style, but that does not mean one should ignore every other agent offered in Valorant. A couple of games with every agent would allow you to get a sense of their abilities and weaknesses, which would be beneficial in the future when you are against an opponent with one such agent. You can strategize your move against your enemy, keeping your past experiences in mind.

  1. Get familiar with different weapons.

Weapons in Valorant, like in real life, have different ranges, recoil, loading speed, and effectiveness. Valorant also offers a range of weapons for one to choose from. Being an expert in one weapon won’t make you an expert in all of them; it is not a transferred ability but a learned one. Get familiar with every weapon in your arsenal, and you never know; you might find a more suitable weapon than the one you are currently using.

  1. Hold onto your character abilities.

Every agent in Valorant has a unique ability that can be used by the player during the gameplay. Make use of your ability at the opportune time, where you can do the most damage to your opposing team. In Valorant, if you are a part of the attacking team, it would be a better strategy to hold your ability until the bomb has been planted by you or one of your teammates. Then use the ability to hinder the defending team during their defusing efforts.

  1. Make sure you secure the pistol round.

Valorant has in-game credits, which makes the first couple of rounds extremely crucial for a player. If you win the pistol round, then you can invest the in-game credit you receive to get the better shield and abilities, whereas if you lose the pistol round, you would not be able to do that. Valorant rewards the winner massively, and winning a pistol round would easily set you up to win the future rounds as well.

  1. Never rush if you are defending.

One of the common mistakes made by defenders during a round is that they rush, which is frankly stupid, especially if done solo. Any experienced attacker would have set traps to neutralize the defenders, or at the very least have the high ground from where they can easily see the approaching enemy. Try to flank the enemy, and most importantly, try to double team up any enemy that is in sight.

  1. Learn from better players

A player can significantly improve their gameplay and hence the chance of winning by playing with better players – either with them or against them. One can learn a lot by just watching more experienced players play; taking note of how they do some stuff and incorporating it into their gameplay would massively increase their chance of success.

  1. Optimize your FPS

This is not gameplay-related, but it can severely impact your game result. Optimize your Frame per Second according to the device you are playing Valorant at. High graphics selection at a low-end device is known to cause some FPS issues, which in turn could impact player performance. Optimize your FPS for a better result in your Valorant gameplay.

If you are looking for some cool hacks to win more games in Valorant, this guide will surely help. Just follow the tips mentioned above and enjoy your gameplay to the fullest.

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