How to Get the Best Work from Your Staff


As a business, it is your duty to make the most out of the staff you’ve hired. After all, the last thing you want is hours and potential wasted. Luckily, there are some simple measures you can take to ensure your employees spend each workday motivated, productive, and satisfied. Here’s how to get the best work out of your staff. 

Educate them on Cybersecurity

Your first step is to make sure none of your staff contributes to a data breach. After all, that could have a severe impact on the company, and it could come from something as simple as clicking on a malicious link in an unassuming email. One of the best ways to educate your staff on cybersecurity is by offering service awareness training – if you want to build a team of resilient and cautious workers, click here.  

Encourage More Feedback

You need to motivate your team, but it isn’t easy to do so when you don’t know what they’re thinking. To stand a better chance at this, encourage more open feedback by actively asking for it and holding an open-door policy. That way, your staff will feel more comfortable contributing their ideas and criticisms. You could even set up a feedback box for those who don’t want to go to management directly. 

It’s not enough to simply ask for feedback, though – you must actively listen to it, too. By doing this, your staff will feel more respected, which will, in turn, lead to higher productivity levels. 

Provide Incentives

Incentives are a great way to get the best out of your staff, as not only will it show them that you appreciate their work, but it’ll also motivate them to put in more effort. Some ideas for incentives that work include bonuses, an afternoon off, or even a delivered takeaway on a Friday afternoon. 

Improve the Workplace Environment

People work better when the environment is pleasant. Some things to consider when decorating a workspace include the quality of lighting, the color of the walls, and how comfortable the furniture is. While you want to avoid making it too cozy (you don’t want your staff falling asleep!), you do want a space that’s enjoyable to be in. 

Leadership Training Programs

If you want to boost the quality of your staff’s work, consider providing access to leadership training programs. That way, you’ll gain a team of people who aren’t just great at their job but are also great at leadership and teamwork. Plus, when the time comes to hire a new manager, you’ll have a better selection to choose from. 

Keep up with New Tech

New tech comes out all the time, and while you don’t need to invest in all of it, you should attempt to keep up with the latest office tech. Not only will this improve productivity, but your team will naturally learn tech skills that’ll help with their own work.

Pay a Good Salary

Most importantly, you must pay your staff a good salary if you want to get the best work out of them. How much you pay your employees shows how much you think they’re worth – the higher it is, the more effort and passion they’ll put into their work.

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