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How to find a Digital Marketing Consultant in Dubai?

Digital Marketing

With the rise in digital marketing, every business firm is trying to make use of it to stay ahead in the competition. The firms are incorporating the best practices in their marketing strategy to achieve desirable results. However, for this, they need a good digital marketing consultant company in Dubai by their side. But you must know finding the best one for the job isn’t easy. This is because of the number of available options one has today. So how to find the best consultant? Go through the post to acquire the necessary information.

1. Research about the services you want

Research is the key to find the best digital marketing consultant. Therefore you need to acquire knowledge about the services you want. This way, you will know if the consultant is qualified enough to offer you desired services. You can go online to check the necessary details from the trusted and respected websites. Once you know the services, you can start searching for the best marketing consultant. Don’t you forget to check out the services’ average pricing, which will help you compare various companies or freelancers to find the best.

2. Make a list

Now once you have been allocated a budget, you can start looking for consultants in Dubai. The list you make entirely depends upon the services you want. Further, you can take recommendations from your business partners or any friends are family who has previously hired a consultant. Or better, you can go online to search for the top-rated consultants in your area.

3. Analyze the prices

Once you have prepared the list of the firms you are interested in working with, you need to go to the website and compare their service prices. You need to find yourself affordable services that fit your budget. But make sure to avoid cheap services as they won’t offer you desired results.

Here is the challenge because, generally, the consultant does not publish their prices online. So you will have to contact them.

It is better to look for consultants who publish their service prices online, especially when they have received a five-star rating for their services. It showcases that the company is confident about its work. Checking out the price of various digital marketing consultants will help you narrow down your list.

4. Investigate the tech

The next step is to compare the tech of various digital marketing consultants in Dubai. Generally, all the consultants use Google Analytics, but there are some who use in-house software that offers a competitive edge. It is exactly the type of technology you need your consultant to have. When a company develops and utilize their tech, it showcases its commitment and expertise in internet marketing.

5. Review their portfolios

You need to prefer the consultants with portfolio. Generally,  they have portfolios on their website. So you can go online to explore all of it. Going through the portfolio of a company will help you get an insight into the firm’s capability to bring positive results and success for you. If you like a company’s portfolio, make sure to add them to the shortlisted candidate’s list. 

6. Read client testimonials and reviews

Now that you have the final list of candidates, you need to read the testimonials. Knowing what services they have provided in the past and the type of experience their clients had with them will help you decide if the company is right for you. You need to find yourself a consultant who treats your company and team respectfully, invests time to understand your business, and then develops a customized plan to drive results.

7. Talk to them

The final step is to contact the consultant. Having a face-to-face conversation with them will help you know if the firm or consultant will live up to their value and if their client testimonials are true.  During your meeting, make sure to ask them questions related to the strategy they will use for your business or about the budget. If you find they are hesitating or are unclear about their plans, then it’s a red sign for you.

While if the consultant confidently narrates their plan and offers you a guarantee of their service, then you can go ahead to hire them as your digital marketing consultant.


Finding the best marketing consultant is a tedious job. However, by keeping in mind the steps mentioned above, you can make the job easier. While if you wish to avoid all the hassle, you can directly get in touch with Leads Dubai.  The company is one of the leading digital marketing Company in Dubai and can offer you desired results in a very short time. The professionals of the company are known to offer services at a fair price. So you can entirely rely on them to bring in positive results.

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