Helpful tips to buy a quality motorcycle

Quality Motorcycle

Purchasing a quality motorcycle is exciting. However, there are also some considerations to keep in mind to ensure that the right bike, for the right price is found and purchased.

While avoiding some of the most common rookie mistakes is important, it is also essential to buy from a reputable seller, such as the American Motorcycle Trading Company. Some other tips to help with the purchase of a motorcycle can be found below.  

Get to Know the Basic Types of Motorcycles Available

There are several options when it comes to quality motorcycle types. Each one is good for a specific type of rider or a specific type of riding. While not all bikes will fit into one style, it is a good idea to have an idea of what is wanted before going shopping.

The first option is a sport bike. For those who want to go fast, sport bikes may be the best option. These are extremely fast, lightweight bikes that are designed for handling and power on the track. However, they can also be a lot to handle for a new rider.

Quality Motorcycle

Another option is a cruiser bike. These have the well-known “chopper” style, and this is what many people think of when they imagine a motorcycle. The cruiser style is usually a larger and heavier bike that is designed for a higher level of comfort over speed.

Naked bikes are another option. This style has become popular in recent years. A naked bike will split the difference between a cruiser and sportbike while providing a more upright style that is a good option for beginners.

There are other quality motorcycle to choose from, too, including café racers, touring bikes, off-road bikes, and adventure bikes. It is a good idea to learn as much as possible about the options to choose the one that best suits the needs and skill level of the rider.

Think about When, Where, and How a Person Will be Riding

To find the right type of motorcycle, it is a good idea to think about what a person wants from their riding experience. Consider the essential characteristics that are wanted from the bike selected.

For example, will the quality motorcycle be used for the daily commute? There are some commuters who will choose more agile bikes that have smaller engines to achieve better gas mileage.

If the buyer prefers something they can use on the track, then a café racer or sportbike may be best. For bikes to use on long road trips, choose a touring or cruiser bike as these are designed with long-term riding in mind.

It is also important to consider if a person will be riding mainly on rural streets or urban streets. Most urban riders like lighter and smaller bikes to help navigate through traffic. Rural riders prefer something bigger or even an adventure bike they can take on gravel or dirt roads.

There are some other factors to consider, too. For example, a buyer may like the look of a certain style over another one. However, they may feel loyalty to a specific brand. It is essential to have a clear idea of what is wanted from the bike so it is possible to decide the trade-offs that are acceptable and what factors are going to be the most important for the decision made.

Do Plenty of Research

When going into the buying process, make sure to create a list of models that are being considered. It is also a good idea to consider what features are needed. Take some time to do a bit of digging online to learn about the various brand’s reputations, along with the models, which includes knowing what bikes are right for beginners. There are many guides out there that will help anyone sort out all the differences between models and brands, and to help a buyer make sense of the performance specs that may be encountered.

Another good resource of information when buying a motorcycle is individuals who already own one. Be sure to ask their opinion and learn about what they like about the different models. Also, do not be afraid to ask them to come along when the person is ready to buy. Other sources of information include social media groups and motorcycle forums, which are often full of information. Most seasoned riders are more than ready to share the experiences they have had with a new rider.

Looking at the value of a motorcycle being purchased is also necessary. A good resource for this is Kelley Blue Book. This resource will provide a good idea of what a person can expect to pay for specific models they are interested in purchasing, along with what a dealership may give as a trade-in value. Keep in mind, the costs of a bike from a dealership or private seller may differ but the KBB valuation is a good starting point.

Sit on the Bike

A person’s body will have a close relationship with the motorcycle. This means that before buying, it is a good idea to sit on the bike being considered. Because of certain liability considerations, it may not be possible to drive all motorcycles before buying them, but it is possible to get an idea of if the bike is going to be comfortable to ride.

Saddle shape and seat height are also important because these features are more difficult to change without making changes to the bike. Usually, newer riders are going to want a bike that has a saddle that is low enough for them to put their feet flat on the ground. Even a motorcycle-style that features a high suspension includes lower seats.

When it comes to buying a motorcycle, there are many factors to think about. The information here provides a good starting point to ensure that the right bike is found and that it meets the needs of a rider, regardless of what they are looking for or what they plan to spend.

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