H4 Forex Trading Strategy – The Complete Guide

H4 Forex Trading Strategy

H4 Forex Trading Strategy – The Complete Guide. The forex market and trade have entered a new era on their own. However, it might be tough for newcomers to understand the market and its trading technique. However, it is critical for each trader to understand the finest trading technique available in the forex market. As a result, in this article, we will examine the H4 Trading Method-The Complete Guide for Beginners in order to become acquainted with the finest trading strategy.

What Is H4 In Forex?

In the forex trading and specialist investigative domains, H4 is essentially an abbreviation for the 4-hour daily time period. The H4 or the 4-hour Forex trading method employs a sophisticated range of professional indicators which are utilized to 4-hour charts.

The 4-hour duration is an intermediate time frame in which each comparing light includes exactly 4 hours of trading action from open to close. The 4h diagram is the normal default time period for the majority of top exchange stages, thus it is readily available. The 4-hour time frame gives an obvious task, especially in the FX market. This approach provides traders with a successful way to trade on longer-term timeframes.

As a result, traders may enjoy the convenience of the chance to trade this longer-term approach without being unduly attached to their way of doing business because you need to just check the graph after 4-hours. In the case of securities trading, the 4h TF is pointless because one complete day of trading will be represented by two 4h candles. Six 4h candles in the currency market represent one whole day of trading activity. What is much more crucial is that the one 4h candle represents a piece of each big transaction swapping session.

Why Is The 4 Hour Time Frame Important?

Trading around 4 a.m. isn’t always the best option for folks with little time on their hands or beginning investors. However, because most equities markets are open around 8 and 9 a.m. each day, the 4-hour chart plays a unique function in the FX market.

As a result, the four-hour chart may be less important because it only shows two lines for each trading range. As a result, traders may only look at the current chart.However, in the forex market, the four-hour timeline is critical since the market never closes and traders trade from all over the world.

 Each geographical trading session is represented by a four-hour candle.In a way, all of these sessions might take on significantly distinct tones, and it is here that traders should seek for prospective chances.

There are several advantages to buying and selling 4h timescales that cannot be noticed on other time frames, including:

  • Users are not captive to the marketplace and have more freedom.
  • The influence of hazard events is significantly less obvious on the 4h chart.
  • Timing the market isn’t always that important, giving you more leeway for error.
  • Increased earning possibilities.
  • Taking use of the benefits of mixing intraday TF with long time periods.

One of the most common mistakes investors make when trading the four-hour chart is failing to recognise that only certain agents have exclusive closing times for the four-hour candle breakout strategy. This is a critical moment for foreign exchange purchasing and trading. 

How To Use H4 Chart For Trades

Most traders evaluate markets and identify new opportunities by determining the price movements on the four-hour charts. The forex market is divided into several buying and selling categories as the forex brokers operate in various time zones. Owing to this the H4 candle would close at a different time.

The majority of foreign exchange agents work in the GMT+three time zone. To be secure, check the time zones alongside your trading. The main disadvantage of one-of-a-kind FX trading server instances is that you may obtain a one-of-a-kind 4h candle last.

The daily final fee in any market, whether it is foreign currency, equities, commodities, or cryptocurrencies, reflects who won the battle between customers and dealers for that session. Traders who intend to use the h4 foreign currency buying and selling strategy should have the necessary New York last charts.

Traders can utilise those h4 candles to locate new buying and selling opportunities. All you need is a 10-minute window of time at the close of each 4h candle to investigate your favourite forex pair and spot new opportunities to profit.

The Most Effective H4 Forex Strategy

The H4 trading approach is based on a fairly frequent chart pattern known as the Doji candlestick. This forex H4 trading strategy incorporates a number of high probability setups that have been proven to work well on the 4-hour time frame.

The chances of the trade success while utilising the Doji setup would result in the higher chance of the trade working. A Doji chart pattern may take on a variety of shapes and styles. The Doji’s key distinguishing feature is its compact body, with the open and shut positions relatively close together.

The inverted hammer, hanging man, bullish, shooting star,  bearish and more are the modifications of the traditional Doji pattern.

The Doji candle pattern is one element of the Doji Sandwich trading setup. Whereas it has three reversal bar pattern that consists of;

1. A big candle closing towards the upper end of the price range.

2. Lighting the Doji candle.

3. Second candle is similar to the magnitude of the first.

The look of a Doji candle is sandwiched between two bigger candles is depicted by the phrase “sandwich.” This makes the H4 forex trading technique to efficiently produce reversal setups. When we mix a Doji candle with the adjacent candles, we get a winning combination. This easy trade setup on the 4h chart can practically treble your chances of success.


To summaries, the H4 forex trading strategy is an important component that traders should not overlook in order to maximize their profits. There are a number of trading strategies, it is not possible to learn all the tactics, because each trader will make their own style. Check out Pattern Trader which is one of the best trading platforms in UK to learn all the trading strategies. We hope the previous information about H4 Forex Trading Strategy-The Complete Guide for Beginners has helped you understand it better.

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