Guide to virtual annual general meetings (agms)

Annual General Meetings

With the recent change in the current dynamics caused due to the global pandemic, live virtual events have become immensely popular. Companies have opted to move annual general meetings (AGMs) in a digital space. Till today annual general meetings are carried out in a physical space and require physical attendance, but the current crisis has completely changed the scenario. Companies that were earlier not keen on live streaming annual general meetings are relying on it with each passing day to communicate and exchange information with shareholders.

A huge incline towards virtual annual general meetings has been witnessed recently. It not only proves beneficial for organizations by saving time and revenue but also results in safeguarding the health in the current pandemic. 

In this article, we have shared a complete guide to Virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs). What are virtual AGM solutions? How Virtual AGM is different from in-person physical events? What are the key benefits of live streaming annual general meetings? And much more. It’s time to twirl the wheels and get started with an easy guide to virtual AGMs!

What are Virtual Annual General Meetings?

Annual general meetings as the name suggest are held every year annually between the shareholders of a company residing in different corners of the world. AGMs are one of the most important and mandatory events of the company which requires attendees/shareholders to be present at the time of discussions and meetings. Due to geographical constraints, many shareholders fail to join the meeting, resulting in missing out on important discussions and information

With time, companies have decided to take their AGMs online, by selecting virtual AGM services. Virtual AGM has completely resolved the barrier of geographical constraints. 

AGM live webcasting on the best virtual events platform allows shareholders to join from anywhere around the globe while sipping a cup of tea from the comfort of their own space.  

Virtual AGM allows shareholders to vote on key company operations, participate in meetings, share their thoughts, and can ask questions freely from remote locations without having to travel to attend a meeting. 

Basically, a meeting conducted between the shareholders of the company and the members of an organization in a virtual space, to communicate annual performance, discuss goals, and plan strategies for the coming year is known as virtual Annual General Meetings. 

A virtual AGM is the same as an in-person AGM meeting but is completely hosted online and delivers better results with increased attendance and better engagements. Apart from it, virtual AGMs have higher accessibility with reduced costs. The best bet for any organization is to select virtual AGM services and webcast AGMs on the best virtual events platform. Enjoy increased participation and more accessibility in a safe, secure environment.  

Virtual event management has become a necessary part of any organization nowadays. It will take care of the virtual AGMs right from the start till the live streaming of AGMs end. It allows you to organize the Q&A sessions right after the virtual annual general meeting to resolve your doubts and queries. All the shareholders and general members of the company need to register beforehand to attend a virtual AGM.

It allows registered shareholders to ask questions during the AGM. The invited guests do not hold any right to ask questions. The virtual event platform keeps track of everything right from start to end. From registered attendees to poll results to questions asked during Q&A sessions everything is trackable.  

AGM live webcasting has been in the news and is the most convenient way to reach all the shareholders around the globe, making a flow of communication much easier.  

How virtual AGM is different from in-person physical events? 

Virtual AGMs work on the same concept as in-person annual general meetings but are conducted in a virtual space over the internet. It allows all the shareholders to participate in a virtual meeting that usually misses out on physical in-person events due to geographical limitations. Virtual AGM services give the same privilege and transparency to all the shareholders which they usually get from an in-person annual general meeting.

The tasks, goals, strategies, and discussions everything remains synonymic but are carried out online on the best virtual event platform. It results in more accessibility, increased attendance and participation, and better engagements in a cost-effective way.

Is it safe to host a Virtual Annual General Meeting?

With the advancements in technology, the virtual events platform used to host virtual AGMs, are extremely safe and secure, keeping your privacy intact. It keeps the attendee information safe and provides a secure network connection to connect with shareholders residing in any corner of the world.

Virtual event platforms that are used for live streaming annual general meetings employ robust security measures, authentication and prevent sensitive informative data from getting access from the unauthorized third party. 

What are the key benefits of live streaming annual general meetings?

Virtual AGMs facilitate various benefits to the organization that in-person events fail to accomplish. It has completely overcome the barrier of geographical constraints, participation, disability, and so on. Let’s have a quick look at some of the key benefits of virtual annual general meetings that can be beneficial for any organization.

  1. Better Accessibility

Virtual AGMs are highly accessible and allow shareholders to join from anywhere around the globe. It allows shareholders to attend AGMs from the comfort of their own home which in general they miss out on with in-person events due to geographical constraint. A Live stream of virtual annual general meetings is accessible to every member of the meeting.

  1. Increased Attendance & participation

Virtual AGMs organizations can increase attendance thus resulting in better participation. Virtual annual general meetings allow shareholders/attendees to register from anywhere around the world and tune in to join the meeting from their remote locations.

  1. Cost-effective 

Virtual AGM solutions are a cost-effective measure in comparison to in-person annual general meetings. The cost of travel, accommodation, venue, food & drinks gets reduced gradually with virtual AGMs.

  1. Better Engagement

Virtual annual general meetings help in boosting engagement via interactive tools such as polls, Q&A sessions, chats, etc. 

If you have not yet planned a virtual AGM, now is the time to get ready for your first virtual AGM and give your meetings a digital streak. Meet your shareholders around the globe via hosting your annual general meeting in a digital space.

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