Grow Your Business with Bigcommerce


It is not easy to make your online business flourish. Deep analysis along with knowledge about the changing market trends is essential. However, you can help your online store to flourish using different eCommerce platforms like Bigcommerce. Before we make you familiar with the benefits of Bigcommerce, here is a synopsis about Bigcommerce. You can also avail the Bigcommerce development services by Elogic for your online store.

What Do You Mean by Bigcommerce

With more than 150,00+ eCommerce stores, Bigcommerce is one of the world’s most popular SaaS eCommerce platforms. It provides users with several exciting and engaging features. The benefits not only help the online store owners but also make the stores more user-friendly. The key benefits are:

  • Easy discounts on cart functioning.
  • Multi-channel system of selling products and services.
  • Abandoned cart saver.

Moving ahead, here are the top benefits of using the Bigcommerce platform for your business:

Trustworthy Customer Support

Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in sustaining online business. With the launch of your online store, you must look after your customer’s well-being. You should handle only one problem at a time. However, you should try to avoid leaving any loophole that might affect your website’s performance. To eliminate all these issues, Bigcommerce provides many features like:

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Live chatting feature along with mail feature.
  • Disaster management.

Free Version for Easy Affordability

Bigcommerce is not only popular but also easily affordable. To support the store owners, Bigcommerce offers a trial period of 15 days. The users can explore the various aspects of the platform at this time. It helps the users to get an idea of whether the website is ideal for them to invest in or not. The cost to support it is also relatively cheap and affordable for the online store owners.

Comes with the Support of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is not a new term for online marketers. The roleplay of SEO in online business is incomparable. SEO helps the online store to have a wider reach and traffic. Bigcommerce covers the various aspects of SEO services. It promotes your company using the different content available on your site. It stores essential data like Metadata, URL Structure, Keywords, and Product Description. It also has a wide variety of SEO tools that help your brand rank higher in the SERPs.

Easy to Use

A user-friendly website is the best way to communicate to a broad user base, even owners. For first-time users, Bigcommerce is a trustable platform. Without any assistance, the users can experience the various features of the site. It is simple to use the multiple options of the site, and in very little time, they can set up their online store.

Open Up Multiple Channel for Your Store

If you are planning to join Bigcommerce, you open up a vast world for your business. Bicommerce provides access to several reputed online marketplaces. You can quickly sell your products on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping marts, and many more places. Bigcommerce also opens up different social media platforms to promote your brand. Now get access to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, Bigcommerce is the best platform for budding business houses to make a digital platform. We hope you have gained knowledge about the various benefits of the site. It also connects with the top Magento development companies that can help your website adapt the advanced features. So when are you planning to join Bigcommerce and give your online store the ultimate push?

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