Does Salt Increase Blood Pressure?

Many people struggle with high blood pressure and constantly talk about how they have to watch their salt intake. unfortunately, they focus on the salt alone and ignores the factor high sodium content in the restaurant food they rely on after a hard day. They also don’t know about the different kinds of salt.

Patients with high blood pressure are often asked to cut off the intake of salt, and a low sodium diet they are asked to take instead of the common table salt lowers the blood pressure.

High blood pressure is often considered to be a major cause of various heart problems while at least six studies in the last 10 years have shown that many cardiovascular issues are caused by a sodium deficiency too.

A study in the American Journal of clinical nutrition from 2000 debunks the myth that higher sodium causes higher blood pressure. they say that blood pressure is affected by the balance of nutrients including sodium, calcium, and phosphorus. thus there should be an adequate consumption of all the nutrients rather than modification of any single nutrient that should be the focus of the persons suffering from the high blood pressure.

Simply using the unrefined salt will be effective for your health and will not increase any problem of the blood pressure.

Working of salt lamps:

Call them new age, old age, or anything in between, the fact is that the salt lamps are the latest and exotic negative ions producer or delivery systems. there is scientific evidence floating about the health benefits of the salt or two lamps installed at one’s home can offer amazing health benefits. especially if you are suffering from any sinus or respiratory disorder. imagine

that you are standing on the top of a mountain and taking in pure and clean air, khewra salt lamp provides you the same breathing experience. if you need more energy and less congestion in your breathing, then you are just one step away from the salt lamp.

History of salt therapy:

Generations ago, people regularly turned to saltwater salt and salt mines to get remedies for certain conditions. Travelling was often impossible for persons suffering from any disease.

So the clinics were established in towns around the globe to deliver salt-based remedied to the sufferers. The name given to this type of rehabilitation was ‘speleotherapy’. Himalayan Salt has been used for so many years to clear the bronchial tubes and getting the sinus rid of the bacteria and microbes. It is the natural evolution of the Khewra salt lamp that uses a low voltage light bulb or candle to distribute the negative ions emitted by the salt crystals.

Therapeutic properties of salt lamps:

Hyped as the most pollutant free form of the salt on earth, khewra salt contains 84 minerals and elements. the salt is mined from a very high location where there is no pollution in the air and environment around, the unrefined salt is far way pure from the chemically processed salt that we see on the shelves of the grocery stores. It does not provide enough benefits to the human body, Khewra salt, some proclaim, approximates primal ocean elements our bodies were exposed to during the evolution period. that is why it appears to have many healing properties because of the distribution of the negative ions from the salt crystals.

 To add, these crystals have come from the deep mines on the earth located under the foothills of the khewra Mountains range. The is hand-harvested from the mineral deposits that are dated by the geologists to the Precambrian age.

Rejuvenation Benefits:

Since the beginning of history, the beneficial properties of the salt have been well known and well documented. The ancient civilizations had been using the salt as the currency as well as food preservation. And since then people had been turning to saltwater and salt caves for many reasons. Many European countries have been using the salt caves and salt springs to get many rejuvenating benefits. people rest in the salt caves and salt rooms to help improve their mood and overall sense of calmness. This type of calmness and rejuvenation is common. People travel from all over the world to visit salt mines like ones found in Himalaya Austria and Germany. In Germany, the salt springs are so common that the companies usually send their employees to the springs to rejuvenate.

Now the question is’ why are the salt mines so beneficial”. Simply, the negative ion environment of the salt mine is the major reason.

If we are not able to travel to Asia or Europe, we can still take advantage of the negative ions to improve the quality of the air we breathe. the solution involves the use of the salt of khewra and kalabagh, the salt that is mined by the miner by going deep down.

The impact of negative ions on the air we breathe:

Have you ever experience the feeling of taking a breath near the waterfalls, on a mountain top? It’s quite refreshing and calming. well, you can have the same feeling by breathing in a negative ion rich environment, thunderstorms, rainfalls, lightning, and waterfalls all these phenomena of nature bring negative ions. Before a thunderstorm we can feel a tension in the air, the positive ions are at their peak, once the storm hits, the air produces negative electrical charge and the rain falls.

The resulting air is fresh, oxygen-enriched, and full of negative ions. We can feel the calmness and clarity in the atmosphere. It is clear from the studies that the negative ions have a positive impact on the environment and thus plants are also being increased in their growth and numbers by this negative ion in the air.

In many studies, the negative ion generators have been used in a controlled environment, so that you can recreate by staying at your home. If you need any kind of Salt Product or edible salt you contact with us 786enterprises

We must breathe clean air to stay healthy, the air that is free from pollution, pollens, dust, and bacteria. The control of the air we breathe is in our hands. we can make our atmosphere clean and pure by using many methods.

 According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, we spend 64% of our time indoors and if we work from home, this time extends to 90%. And during all this time we stay indoor, we should breathe in clean air.

Here are 10 points to follow to get a clean environment

  1. Bring in some nature- first try to bring some green plants in your house to improve the quality of air.
  1. Don’t allow smoking inside- smoking tobacco inside a home causes serious hazards to health, so indoor smoking should be prohibited.
  1. Circulate fresh air- manage a proper ventilation system at your home so that fresh air can circulate and a healthy environment can be created.
  1. Take off your shoes- whenever you come from outside, take off your shoes before entering the house. Because bringing in the dirt and dust with shoes can impact the quality of air badly.
  1. Regularly clean the furnace or air filters- this is the area that remains neglected, however, we should address this area critically. as it can harm our air quality.
  1. Use of clean ventilating fans- make sure that you switch the ventilation fans whenever needed.
  1. Vacuum the dust regularly- we should not skip on removing the dust from our house by using the vacuum cleaners.
  1. Keep the chemicals outside- don’t keep the toxic chemicals or cleaners inside the house like under the sink. we should keep them outside to be in a clean environment.
  1. Manage your pets-things like hair and pet litter can add to the indoor pollution, so try to keep the house clean by removing this dirt.
  1. Consider using an air purifier- a good quality air purifying spray can aid in more clean and pure air to breathe in.

But there is something more than the indoor chemical pollution from chemicals, dust, and smoke. There is another type of pollution that exists indoor and we will now discuss it in detail

 Due to electronic age, most of us live in an environment dominated by electronic devices like televisions, computers, cell phones, and PDAs, etc. when we use these devices, our body is bombarded by the electromagnetic waves. We can call this type of pollution “electronic air pollution” or “electrosmog”. This is a serious type of pollution that is invisible and the waves while using the electronic devices are 20 times more strong than our brain waves. This increased amount of positively charged waves can cause:

  • Nervousness
  • Added bodily stress
  • Annoying sleep interruptions
  • Lapses in concentration
  • Increased free radical accumulation in our body

There are many ways to decrease the adverse effects of these positively charged particles. like taking a break from using the devices and keep ourselves self exposed to fresh air. Something more useful that we can do to neutralize our environment is that we can use salt lamps in our houses or offices.

These crystal salt lamps can help to remove the electromagnetic waves and excessive positive ions from our homes or workplace.

The basic premise behind the use of a salt lamp is that it cleans the indoor air and provide an attractive light to our home.

Several studies have supported the use of crystal salt lamps to eliminate indoor pollution by increasing the number of negative ions in the air.

How does a crystal salt lampwork?

 Let’s have a brief look:

  • Attracts humidity by causing the surface of lamp moist
  • Building negative ions and removing positive ones
  • Helps to neutralize the “electro smog” in the air by negative ionization.
  • Creates potential soothing effects by multi-colored light crystals.
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