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When a businessman realizes that his business cannot grow without a website, he thinks, “I need one of the best developers to make a highly competitive resource”. For this aim he chooses, of course, high-end AngularJS development company.

The customer prepares, collects information about web studios, browses their portfolios, and studies each of the possible variants. He selects a potential performer, carefully reviews the benefits of each web studio’s personal sites, reads reviews about them, compiles a list of ideal candidates, and finally dials the first phone number.

The customer says, “I want to order a website.” He directly asks the main question that interests him: “How much will it cost to develop a site from scratch?” And here, after listening to one, two, ten answers, spending a lot of time negotiating, the client begins to wonder – why you can not immediately find out the cost, why none of the developers can not name a specific final price of the site.

The customer plans to make a website, and he is willing to pay money for the development of a web resource, ready to cooperate, but in the first stage he wants to figure out the most expensive options in search of a perfect balance “price – quality”. This is a completely natural desire, because the allowable costs of creating a site (approximate budget) he has already determined. It is not difficult to find out the cost of the domain. Why is it impossible to hear clear specific figures when pre-ordering?

Everything that is happening is completely natural. Moreover, if during the first contact the agency immediately issues you an invoice, without delving into the details, complexity and individual requirements of the project, hang up and forget this number.

In order to find out the perfect match for this customer, let me explain to you what can be the charges of high-end AngularJS development company.

What components form the cost of AngularJS development?

The cost of creating a website varies depending on your tasks and requirements for the future product. This amount includes the development of site design, the price of which depends on the visual design and layout. The design of elements can be stock (ready paid and free templates) or created “from scratch”. The second option will cost more.

The second component is programming. The more experienced a programmer you hire, the more expensive an hour of work will cost. For complex non-standard tasks it is better to choose experienced performers. Junior programmers are suitable for standard simple sites.

CMS-system is the third component which depends on the cost of creating a site. You can use one of the ready-made solutions or order the development of an administration system specifically for your requests and needs. CMS-system will allow the site owner to make changes to the content, control and self-correct the price, pour on the site promotions, etc. The higher your requirements for the administration system, the more expensive the high-end angularjs development.

Hosting is another cost item. Choose paid tariff plans of reputable providers. Believe me, hundreds of site owners have already regretted it. In such cases choose free hosting.

Don’t forget about the content. The site created by programmers will not work without quality content. You can write it yourself or order it from professionals – in any case, you first need to think about the content plan and fill the site at least minimally.

The same applies to internal optimization, which is best done during theHigh-end angularjs development phase. So you can save and bring to the Internet a ready-made optimized resource.

Why is it so difficult to determine the cost of website development?

There are three main reasons that make it difficult to estimate the cost of a web resource:

Each site is unique in structure, complexity and functionality. Before you start talking about what the price of development will be, you need to decide what requests you have to the future resource. You can navigate by the main types of sites, each of which falls into its own price category:

  • blog (news site);
  • corporate site (with or without a catalog);
  • thematic site;
  • Internet-shop;
  • portal.

The amount of work in the process of creating a site can vary significantly. First, creating a unique design is a creative process that is unpredictable by definition, and second, regular market analysis can suggest changes in strategy that need to be reflected in new ideas that increase resource efficiency and increase workload.

The presence on the market of a huge number of low-skilled developers. High competition in the industry leads to the fact that studios (beginners or those with a dubious reputation) try to get customers at any cost.

Alone or with professionals: who to contact for site development?

If you need to create a website, there are at least three options. Each of them differs in price and amount of time spent:

  • to develop the site independently;
  • hire a freelance programmer;
  • turn to a web studio that professionally creates online resources.

The first option is possible if you have a lot of free time and relevant skills. This is the most economical option, but it all depends on your capabilities. It is easy to hire a freelance programmer, but in this case there are many pitfalls, ranging from broken deadlines to choosing “blindly” without the ability to assess the professional qualities of the performer.

Website development, the price of which in different countries depends on the professionalism and experience of the web studio, is the optimal scenario. Yes, it’s not as budget-friendly as the first option. But as a result you will receive a professional complex approach and a minimum of a headache concerning completions and improvement of functionality. When choosing a web studio, focus primarily on experience, examples of implemented projects and the company’s reputation.

Finally, we are close to the main question of this article:

What are the prices of AngularJS development company?

The research was made on the basis of the average cost of website development by various agencies and web studios in Ukraine. The price depends on the complexity of the design, its capabilities and functions.

The goal is to inform current and potential customers about the approximate price for site high-end angularjs development and to inform young studios in order to avoid a decrease in the average market price.

Key factors and survey criteria

The average cost for development – it is indicated in dollars.

Site type:

  • Portals and services
  • Internet-shop
  • Corporate site
  • Landing Page

Website design:

  • Simple site (with a small list of features and functions)
  • Unique site (with a standard set of features, medium site)
  • Premium (many different features and a wide range of site features, with the so-called “wow effect”)

Complexity / effects:

  • With a small list of features and functions
  • With a standard set of features, an average site
  • Many different features and a wide range of site features

Development cost for portals and services

Simple site and a small list of features:

Price: $5000 – 7000

Unique design and standard set of features:

Price: $7,000 – 10,000

Premium site, many different features and a wide range of site features:

Price: $10,000 – 20,000

Development cost for online stores

Simple site and a small list of features:

Price: $2000

Unique design and standard set of features:

Price: $3000

Premium site, many different features and a wide range of site features:

Price: from $20,000

Development cost for a corporate site

Simple site and a small list of features:

Price: $2000

Unique design and standard set of features:

Price: $3000

Premium site, many different features and a wide range of site features:

Price: $4000

Development cost for Landing Page

Simple site and a small list of features:

Price: $1000

Unique design and standard set of features:

Price: $1000 – 2500

Premium site, many different features and a wide range of site features:

Price: $1500 – 5000


So, that’s it. I agree that AngularJS high-end angularjs development nowadays is not cheap. But if you have a business and you want it to grow and to be successful – you need to make a lot of investments in it. But a website or mobile application may become a face of your business and having it you can easily set different trends among youth or your target audience. Choose exactly development companies that work in the AngularJS framework and be sure in your future product.

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