5 smart ways to earn airline miles

Earn Airline Miles

Earning flying miles can land you FREE domestic air trips, upgrades, and other travel perks — such as complimentary meals and business class travel at the price economy class.  The elementary tip to earn more airline miles is to travel often with the same carrier. However, there are many ways to get miles without boarding the plane ever; how’s it possible? 

Scroll down, as here in this article; we’ve rounded up top to collect more airline miles faster. 

1. Pick the Right Credit Card

Utilizing the right rewards credit card while shopping is one of the effective ways to rack up enough miles for a special deal or price reduction on your next air trip. 

There are two types of reward cards. 

The first is the co-branded cards affiliated with a dedicated airline. And the other being the general credit card that provides an assortment of rewards on every purchase, including the airline miles. 

The co-branded cards are more rewarding if used with a particular airline, while the general one presents a spectrum of redeeming options. 

If you are not secure, whether you’ll be able to use the miles, as you’ve no plans of vacation or business trips that require you to fly, then opt for the general reward credit card. 

In case you are a frequent flyer, then apply for a co-branded credit card. 

2. Dine Out

Another excellent way to pile up airline miles is to dine out. When you dine at a participating restaurant and pay via your credit card, you’ll earn points based on the size of your order. 

You need to know that the airline miles have an expiration date, so make sure you avail them before they are non-applicable. 

3. Sign-up Bonus

Always stay vigilant for sign up bonuses. For instance, when you sign up for the BMO Air Miles World Elite Mastercard, you’ll get 3,000 airline miles as a welcome gift, and these points are enough for two short-haul air trips. 

The possibilities are endless over the Internet; all you’ve to do is be smart and stay updated with the latest bonuses to not miss out on anything. 

4. Referral Bonuses

The credit card companies are battling it out to bring in new customers. That’s why they offer good referral bonuses in the form of airline miles. 

Some credit card companies offer up to 15,000 airline points for every referral. So, to get these points, make sure you introduce your friends, family, or even the neighbour to your credit card. 

5. Shopping

You’ve to tweak your shopping habits to get more flying points. Since groceries consume a significant chunk of monthly spending, consider buying at Metro or Sobeys. They offer points bonuses based on the products you buy weekly. 

With a bit of strategizing before heading out for grocery shopping, you can easily earn up to 100 Air Miles per visit. Never overpay for an item, as you don’t want to spend unnecessary money for a few extra points. 

Afraid of flying?

So, you’ve bagged enough airline miles for a free air trip, right? Then what’s holding you back? Is it a phobia of flying? Yeah! Don’t worry; you are not alone; just about every first-time flyer faces it. There is a simple way to overpower it. Join a fear of flying online course as they’ll get to learn about air travel, and you’ll know how safe it is from the mouths of veteran pilots and crew members. They’ll teach you tips on curbing your anxiety, relaxing techniques for a peaceful flight. 

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