2006 Honda Civic Battery Size and Price Guide

Honda Civic

If your 2006 Honda Civic battery isn’t working properly, it may be time for a battery replacement maintenance task. Find out how much a battery costs and how to replace your own automotive battery today with this size and price guide.

How Much Does a New Battery Cost?

A Honda Civic battery can vary in cost. You can usually pick one up for between $100 and $200. Most lead-acid batteries last between three and five years, depending on use and your chosen battery.

Be sure you find one that matches your 2006 Civic. The best way to pick up the correct battery size is to use a free online VIN lookup tool or to head to a trusted auto parts store. A customer service technician can help you find the correct group size, CCA and other features.

For more information on choosing the right battery size and type for your Honda, look for online resources that offer car battery numbers explained.

What Are the Components That Make up a Car Battery?

Batteries are complex devices that store electrical energy. They’re used to power your starter, so a dead battery prevents you from starting your Honda. Here are the basic components that make up a car battery:

  • Terminals
  • Battery acid
  • Positive and negative plates
  • Case
  • Separator
  • Cast-on strap
  • Element

How To Replace Your Car Battery

After three years or when you experience performance issues, it’s time to replace your car battery. Gather these items as you prepare for this straightforward maintenance project:

  • Battery
  • Dielectric grease
  • Adjustable wrench, socket set and screwdriver
  • Safety goggles and gloves
  • Battery cables, depending on the condition of the existing cables

Park your Civic on a flat surface with plenty of lighting. You’ll be working in the engine compartment, so be sure you can see clearly to identify your battery and remove it. Use caution, as a damaged battery may have an acid leak.

Identify the positive and negative battery terminals and cables. The positive cable should be red and covered, while the negative cable is gray, black or unpainted. Never touch the positive cable while the negative cable is still connected to the battery, or you could experience an electric shock.

Use your tools to remove the negative cable, then the positive cable, before removing the cover or strap that holds your battery in place. Carefully remove the old battery and store it somewhere safely in an upright position before recycling it at a participating location.

Place the new battery in the same position and secure it with the strap or cover system on your Civic. Clean or replace the battery cables, if necessary, before applying dielectric grease to the battery terminals.

Connect the positive cable before connecting the negative one. Once the negative cable is connected, don’t touch the positive terminal. You should now be able to start your Civic.

Where To Find a New 2006 Honda Civic Battery

For more information on battery installation, recycling or pricing, head to a trusted auto parts location or online store. Enjoy discount prices on name-brand batteries with generous warranties when you shop at a trusted store.

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